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Smart City

A smart city is a highly advanced urban region that is fully equipped with basic infrastructure, highly developed real estate as well as commercially viable. The residents are guaranteed decent, Eco-friendly and High-end quality of life, with the aid of smart solutions. What separates a smart city from a regular city is the basic principal on which it works i.e. information technology, Yes, IT plays a major part in providing essential services to a smart city’s residents. These types of cities make use of technological platforms like automated sensor networks, data centers and much more to enable smooth functioning of the city. With the focus on sustained economic development, a model smart city benefits everyone be it the citizens, businesses, government as well as environment.

Idea behind the smart city

The concept for smarter cities originated back in 2008 when the world went through a severe economic crisis. In fact in 2009, countries like UAE, South Korea and China heavily invested in the plan towards the development of smart cities. In India as well, Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in the year 2014 the development of 100 smart cities across major areas including Delhi-NCR, Maharashtra and Karnataka etc.

What does a smart city offer?

  • Ensured safety & security of its citizens
  • Smart traffic management
  • Well affluent urban mobility & public transport facility
  • E-governance
  • Assured 100% water & electric water supply
  • Green building
  • Sanitation & solid waste management
  • Water waste treatment

If we take a look across the world then various examples like Barcelona in Spain, London in UK and Dubai in UAE are some of the stupendous role models for a smart city plan. Even with all the facilities. The success of a smart city depends upon its participants i.e. residents, business entrepreneurs as well as visitors. The behavior and end usage of these people determine how smoothly a smart city is functioning.


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